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over 8 years ago

Sponsor APIs and Prizes

Hey Hackers

Here are all the API sponsors and prizes for this weekend!

Happy hacking :)


Code your next big idea in our cloud for a chance to win $5,000 cash. Your project must be hosted on Atlantic.Net SSD Cloud Hosting Servers to be eligible to win. Atlantic.Net will choose the winner based on originality, creativity, and boldness of vision.


Our custom challenge for you this weekend is to use CircleCI as a deployment tool. We will pick the winner by who implements the best continuous delivery workflow. You only have one day - so don't step on each other's toes and make conflicting commits: use CircleCI and ship better code, faster.


Best demonstration of Gimbal SDK inside of a working application wins $1,000 cash plus 10 Series 21 beacons split between team members


Grand Central Tech has assembled a truly innovative group of partners to ensure our companies receive the best advice from the broadest and richest range of inputs. We have gathered an experienced and connected Strategic Advisory Board, selected Mentors and Mentor Companies that have been there before, identified a broader network of interested VC’s and Angels, reached out to Corporate and Growth Partners, and partnered with some of New York’s most amazing educational programs and high schools (including, where relevant, alumni and parent networks that represent an incredibly diverse range of practitioner level experience). Last but not least is the community of premier startups that will be surrounding you.

jKool ( is a SaaS that provides real-time visualization and analytics for streaming time-series data. The prize for this session includes the “DataNerd” package which enables the user to stream up to 5 Million data points a month into the service. These data points can be retained for up to 30 days. jKool provides an API ( which can be used to stream data.


Layer is giving away $1000 cash prize as well as one year's subscription to our Startup Plan ($300) value for a total of $1300 in value for "Best Use of the Layer SDKs".

Layer is the open communications layer for the Internet, the full-stack building block for communications that enables app creators to build rich, native messaging into their products, transforming user experience and increasing engagement. In the short time since its launch, more than 12,000 developers have begun building communications experiences with the platform. There are Layer developers on six of the seven continents and Layer-powered apps in all major app categories, including category-leading apps in dating, sports and photo sharing. For more information and to get started using Layer, please visit "


First Place: Up to $50,000* in Simplify Commerce processing within the first 6 months. $500 MasterCard card per teammate, up to five individuals.

Second Place: $250 MasterCard card per teammate, up to five individuals.

*To qualify for this prize, you must apply to become and be approved as a Simplify Commerce merchant by June 30, 2015, and actively transact via the Simplify Commerce gateway. ""Actively transact"" means conducting a sales transaction that results in Simplify Commerce making a deposit to the checking account you have linked to your Simplify Commerce merchant account. If you qualify, Simplify Commerce will rebate the 2.85% + 30¢ per transaction processing fee for your first $50,000 in sales through December 31, 2015. Should a transaction be refunded, it will not be eligible for a rebate. After you've reached $50,000 in sales, processing fees will be charged at the standard rate at that time (currently the rate is 2.85% + 30¢ per transaction).


Contacts, calendar, mail , groups, web hooks, and more – REST APIs for Outlook give you the flexibility to build delightful experiences for users around the content in mailboxes. And Outlook add-ins let you easily integrate right into Outlook, Outlook for Mac, Outlook Web App, or UI and customize it with your own functionality using HTML and JavaScript. Both the REST APIs and Outlook add-ins work with Outlook, Office 365, and soon For more documentation, head over to or the booth.

There are two ways to be eligible for this contest. Build a compelling scenario:
1) Either by using Outlook REST APIs
2) Or by building an Outlook add-in

Submissions will be judged across several categories:
- Value to user. Submissions, which solve the biggest user problems and have broadest applicability will be ranked highest in this category. Bonus consideration will be given to solutions that are targeted at consumer scenarios.
- Feasibility. In this category, the more feasible the solution is to deploy broadly to users, the higher it will be ranked.
- Use of Outlook platform. The submissions, which use the REST APIs at the core, or which are building an add-in will be considered top for this category.

If you would like to test your add-in in, please stop by our table, and we’ll provide you with a developer preview account. Your own accounts will not work… yet!

We will give out 3 prizes:
- 1st place - $3000
- 2nd place - $1500
- 3rd place - $500


Best Use of Nexmo: XBox One + Kinect (max 3 per team)
Most Creative Use of Nexmo: Parrot Bebop (max 3 per team)


Twilio is an API that lets a developer like yourself send and receive text messages and make and receive Voice, VoIP and Video calls. Each member of the team with the best use of the Twilio API will receive an all expense paid for trip Twilio’s Signal Conference in San Francisco, and a Phonejoy, to turn your smartphone into a gaming device.


Four XBox Ones for the most creative and interesting Yammer hack

Zalando SE

Zalando (; tech blog is Europe's leading online fashion platform for women, men and children--a publicly traded company doing business in 15 markets. Delivering first-class shopping experiences to our +14 million customers requires moving fast -- with microservices, Agile processes, & autonomous teams -- and using cutting-edge, open-source technologies such as Scala and Clojure.

Zalando's public API, available at, offers programmers access to the Zalando web shop and allows operations such as searching for items, categories, filters and brands. It was designed to be a RESTful web service. The developer or team who builds the coolest new project using the Zalando API wins these three great prizes: a Go Pro camera, a Raspberry Pi 2 and a DJI Phantom Aerial UAV Drone Quadcopter for GoPro. A group of up to five hackers can win.

Have questions about the Zalando API, or just want to say hello before the hackathon? Ping us at @ZalandoTech on Twitter.